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Members receive great discounts on products and services through OSPE, including an automatic 30% discount on all OSPE and Engineers Foundation of Ohio (EFO) CPD educational programs.  Call call 1-800-654-9481 (223-1144 in Columbus) for details.  Click here for a complete list of OSPE's discounts and members benefits




Join (or Renew Your Membership in) All Three Organizations -- NSPE, Ohio & a Chapter 

Please click this link to join (or renew your membership in) all three tiers of our organization -- the National Society of Professional Engineers, the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers, and your local chapter.  This link will take you to NSPE's website and from there you will follow the guidance and prompts to join the Society.  As an alternative, you may call NSPE at 1-888-285-6773 or download a paper application here.




This renewal option is reserved for current two-tier (Ohio & chapter) members only

To renew your OSPE Associate Membership, please click this link.  Please be advised that we are no longer able to accept new Associate Members, and this link is reserved exclusively for renewals for current Associate Members.  (If you previously held a two-tier Associate Membership that is now expired, we will happily welcome you as a full, three-tier member.  Simply click a link under "FULL MEMBERSHIP" in the section above.)



Membership & Tax Deduction

OSPE Associate membership dues include membership in OSPE and your local chapter, and the $25 annual subscription cost of OhioEngineer magazine.  OSPE dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.  OSPE estimates that 23 percent of your Ohio dues is not deductible because of OSPE’s lobbying activities on behalf of its members.  Pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code, this percentage of your dues is not deductible.  Please consult your tax advisor for details.


By virtue of signing the application, you are attesting that the information you are providing is complete and correct to the best of your knowledge.  You further agree, if accepted for membership, to comply with the OSPE Constitution & Bylaws, NSPE Code of Ethics and Ohio Revised Code Code of Ethics. 


Jim Arnold, PE


Top Ten Reasons to join! OSPE 

Through a growing and active membership, the OSPE tradition of "getting things done" continues.  Membership makes you part of an organization devoted to all professional engineers, and you will enjoy privileges that help keep you competitive in the professional marketplace.

Membership identifies you as a special member of the professional engineering community who is committed to excellence. Simply by adding, "Member of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers," to your resume speaks volumes.

Most of your dues, as well as most of your NSPE and OSPE activities, is tax deductible as a business expense--another added benefit!  Membership in your Society doesn't cost, it pays!

What are your dues worth?

Find out the secrets to success from our senior members.  OSPE will open doors for you! Through your membership, you will open doors to many opportunities that would have bypassed you.

Maximize your employment opportunities by meeting fellow professional engineers from all fields and management levels. Relationships established through chapter and state activities will benefit you for your entire career.

How We Protect Our Profession
NSPE is on the firing line of our profession.  We protect professional engineers from major challenges.

NSPE monitors and influences legislation and government action, provides testimony and guidance, and facilitates constructive government action at all three levels--local, state and federal.  We make you voice heard!

Three for the Price of One
You get three memberships for the price of one -- local chapter, state & national.  Compare our national, state and local dues to other professions, and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Click HERE for a promotion poster.

Professional Benefits Enhance Your Credibility
You can take advantage of opportunities for networking and establishing relationships that bring security to your career. Increase your stature in your company. If you don't get involved, you can bet your competition is!  Develop your leadership skills and increase public recognition as one of Ohio's leading professional engineers. Gain exposure and stature in your profession.

Influence the direction of your profession
Membership keeps you in the mainstream of the profession. Only through membership can you have such influence.   NSPE addresses industry problems before they become your own problems.

Urgent Updates
Stay current on the engineering issues through our publications.  They supply vital information you need to keep up-to-date on issues critical to your practice.  NSPE's monthly magazine, PE, is the leading authority on national-level matters affecting the engineering profession today.  The Ohio Society's Ohio Engineer magazine, keeps you updated on state level government and industry news.  The Capitol Report and legislative updates provide urgent information and news you need.  Your local chapter newsletter is your source for local networking and programs.

Practice Divisions
Whether you are an engineer in construction, education, government, industry or private practice, NSPE has a specialized, separate practice division for your needs. These five practice divisions address the issues of your area of practice and develop programs tailored to your needs.

Professional Training Programs.
Staying on top of current engineering issues, new advances in technology and developments in the profession is crucial to your success as an engineer. Membership gives you access to an abundance of professional development and training programs. NSPE offers seminars and home study courses on business management, as well as technical topics to give you a competitive edge in your career.

Through its alliance with the Engineers Foundation of Ohio, OSPE members receive significant discounts to EFO programs:
Engineer's Leadership Institute
Fall Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Conference
December Seminars

And OSPE offers its Ohio Engineers Legislative Day and its Spring CPD Conference featuring the same discounts and great programming specifically designed for professional engineers!

As a member, you will develop skills that they don't teach in college. You'll learn easy ways of handling difficult situations, such as:

"How should I communicate in a politically sensitive environment?"

"How can I convince management that I can manage people as well as engineering projects?"

"How can I move up the corporate ladder?"

"How can I gain more recognition for my work?"

Many of our chapters conduct regular professional engineer exam review courses to help our members prepare. Frequent chapter meetings offer you the chance network. Guest speakers are invited to talk on contemporary issues in your community and present timely information for your use.