Who We Are

We Serve Ohio's Professional Engineers &
Protect the Practice of Engineering!

The Ohio Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is the single, most powerful voice representing Ohio's professional engineers.  OSPE is on the "firing line" of the profession.

OSPE protects you from political, legislative, administrative and legal challenges to Ohio's PE laws.  We present the professional engineer's point of view to public officials and their staffs, track legislation impacting engineering, initiate effective legislation, provide testimony and facilitate constructive government action at all three levels of government--local, state and federal.

Be sure not to confuse OSPE with the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors ("State Board"), which regulates our profession.  The State Board is appointed by the governor of Ohio and creates the rules by which we practice.  OSPE is your advocate to the State Board and other public officials to assure that the voice of Ohio's professional engineer is heard.

As a member, you join thousands of other professional engineers in supporting our advocacy efforts from Washington, D.C. to the State Capitol in Columbus to your local Courthouse.

OSPE is comprised of several chapters serving every county in Ohio.  Wherever you live or work, there is a chapter to help you network, gain professional exposure and sharpen your leadership skills.

We make your voice heard!


What is the Engineers Foundation of Ohio?
In 1964, members of OSPE founded the Engineers Foundation of Ohio (EFO).  Today, EFO is a thriving nonprofit organization that has programs serving all age groups, from ImagineEngineering Coloring Contest for second graders to MATHCOUNTS for middle schoolers to scholarships for high school and college age.  EFO leads Ohio in promoting continuing professional development for PEs with numerous programs across the state.