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OSPE 2018-2019 Awards

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2019 Ohio New Product Award 

The Professional Engineers in Industry Practice Division of the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers is pleased to announce its 2017 Ohio New Product Award competition.

If your company has developed a new process or project it may be eligible for competition for state recognition.

Nominations are grouped according to the size of the manufacturing company. Winners will be selected in three firm size categories:

* Small - 50 or fewer employees

* Medium - 51 to 200 employees

* Large - 201 to 9,999 employees

* Mega - 10,000 or more employees

Judging is performed by the OSPE-PEI Awards Committee.

Nominations must be submitted on the entry form, which you may also copy for multiple applications.

A state winner will be selected in each of the three aforementioned firm size categories.